"You've got to be concerned about the rise of the gatekeepers," said Jeffrey Katz, founding chairman and CEO of Orbitz and now CEO of Journera, during a panel on the future of corporate travel. "When you look at Google and Amazon, it's pretty frightening in a sense. Travel is something like a trillion-dollar industry, and they can't ignore verticals of that size." While Amazon hasn't yet made a meaningful move into travel, many believe it's only a matter of time before the e-commerce player stakes its claim, most likely through a bolt-on acquisition. "Amazon should get into travel," said Brian Nowak, managing director at Morgan Stanley Research. "One, it's a big market. Second, it's an asset-light industry. It's a lot easier to book a hotel and flight than it is to ship a canoe or get someone their bananas in two minutes. It's also an important data set. When you think about Amazon, a lot of what they're trying to do is to create a very personalized and curated experience. Travel is a blind spot for them, and they need that data." Get the full story at Travel Weekly