I was just reading Steve Bryant's Ten Possible Consequences of Google's GBuy and I couldn't help but wonder about his omission of the possibility that Google will use the core of the auction technology it has already developed to build its own eBay like auction marketplace for goods and services (non-advertising).

Think about it. The building blocks are obviously in place and given Google's knack for surprise drama, how could such a service not be in the works? If you Google "Google auctions," you'll get a lot of hits. But a lot of them discuss the way auctions work with Google's AdWords. Most of the other ones discuss Google's unorthodox initial public offering, which involved an auction. But only a few hint at the idea that Google will or should take on eBay in the mainstream online auction space.

Last October, blogger Aaron Wall speculated that a new Google facility going up in the Phoenix, AZ area might house the team that would bring Google Auctions to fruition. The comments on the blog make it pretty clear that competition for eBay would be a good thing.

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