One of the most important benefits of remarketing is increased brand awareness. Whether you choose to pay per click (CPC) or pay per thousand impressions (CPM), your brand/property name can get thousands of impressions at a relatively low cost. Another important benefit of remarketing is the ability to personalize messages for each audience. By using lists, you can segment audiences based on what pages they visit. You also have the ability to layer multiple lists to segment even further. For example, a hotel shows an ad for its wedding ballroom to a potential future bride who visited the weddings page of the website. The hotel could segment further by layering lists; for instance only target people who visited the wedding page and did not fill out a request for proposal (RFP). After you choose your audience you should tailor your banner ads by selecting the appropriate image, color scheme, and messaging. Remarketing’s high measurability is very valuable to marketers. Besides touting the importance of brand awareness, you will be able to support your argument with data. You can track impressions, clicks, costs, conversions as well as view through conversions. A view-through conversion happens when a visitor is shown an image ad, then later completes a conversion on your site, but did not click on the ad. This helps account for users who saw your remarketing ad, did not click on it, but later converted through a different channel. The brand awareness created by your ad can cause users to remember your brand and go directly to your website without clicking the ad. Last but not least, the final benefit is the return on investment (ROI). There are high returns from display ads, as qualified shoppers are directed to the property’s main website. This makes it easy for re-engaged shoppers to easily book their online reservation, increasing hotels’ direct revenue. By directing online searchers to your main website, this creates less reliance on online travel agencies (OTAs) that charge high commission fees. Get the full story at the Vizergy blog