RoomCloud Hotel Distribution, powered and designed by hospitality tech industry veterans Tecnes Milano, has integrated with Google Docs in an industry first it’s another exciting new feature from the cloud-based channel manager that drives all 2-way distribution directly from the Hotel’s booking engine. Co-Founder and VP of Client Experience David Guilfoyle, said “RoomCloud’s integration with Google docs means hotels always have the last updated version and can share this docs with their colleagues, anywhere, anytime, so no more running around looking for the last version of the XL from that hotel. Hoteliers love XL, with our Google docs integration Hoteliers can even bypass the RoomCloud interface if they prefer and use spreadsheet updates exclusively.” RoomCloud highlight Kempinski Hotels recent switch to the Cloud migrating to Google email and docs sharing for its 5,000 employees, with the respected Hotel Chain noting reduced costs and benefits to staff collaboration, as a sign of what’s on the horizon for the industry: “With the Cloud becoming ever more attractive for mobile communication and collaboration, and highly cost effective compared to traditional software licensing and hardware, Google docs integration with RoomCloud Channel Manager was something that really appealed to our clients. Many of our clients love XL for simple format and layout, for example: the Hotel might send the central office their availability and the central office assigns rates based on that then distributes them to all the online channels OTA’s GDS and Brand manually in many cases this takes hours per hotel per week. The Revenue Manager or Team have to keep track of the XL’s, for a group with 5 hotels that can be a time consuming issue, imagine combining 30 separate Hotel’s XL files with 50 room types each. After that you need to waste time uploading it to the channel manager and in no time it all gets very messy. “ RoomCloud taps into Google’s API adding an interesting but relevant and functional twist specific to Hotels : the ability to manage distribution directly within Google Docs, with the RoomCloud channel manager. “RoomCloud eliminates all this manual data entry with one click directly to over 300 websites and OTA’s worldwide, we can even pull the recommended rate from an RMS revenue management system to ensure automated optimized rates.” Guilfoyle also went on to emphasize the growing list of Cloud storage providers: “As more providers like Box, Dropbox, Microsoft, and Barracuda start to offer competing tools and gain market share this is good for hoteliers and we’re ready to integrate with other providers based on the Hotel’s own preference, we’re not fixed to one collaborator. There’s a Cloud on the horizon but it’s all good for the Hospitality Industry as a whole“ RoomCloud is offering a free 60 day trial until end of July, visit to find out more. Google docs integration is a professional service provided by RoomCloud and is not included in the standard package pricing. RoomCloud specializes in “brand biased distribution”, providing Hoteliers around the world with the functionality and to drive OTA bookings while optimizing strategy in favour of the Hotel’s own brand site with our CRS Switch. Based in Milan Italy with a 100% European based Support team, we take pride in offering flexibility and a reliable service to our client Hoteliers, PMS and OTA providers included. Related Link: RoomCloud