Enhanced Campaigns are Google’s response to the ever-changing world where the line that divides tablets, desktops, and mobile devices from each other continues to shrink at a very fast pace; where all devices are now equally, or even more, important to users (Google, Inc., 2013). For this reason, Google AdWords developed a way for businesses to target different devices – desktops, tablets, and mobile devices – under one campaign. Separate budgets for mobile and tablet campaigns are a thing of the past. Instead, everything is managed under one campaign, thus eliminating unnecessary duplicates and streamlining the paid search process. In addition, Enhanced Campaigns provide us with the ability to assign value to our potential customers in the form of bid adjustments. Bid adjustments are a percentage change in our bids that allows us to increase or decrease our bids to more or less for searches occurring on mobile devices, times, days, locations, topics, and placements. In other words, if a potential guest in your city is more valuable to you than someone in a different state, then you can tell Google that you want to bid “X” percent higher for that searcher. People constantly switch between devices to search for hotels and resorts. Google has developed a way for advertisers to send the same message tailored differently depending on the different contexts and devices that consumers use. The ability to grab the attention of said consumers regardless of which device they use to search gives us an incredible opportunity to send the right message at the right time. Get the full story at Vizergy