With millions expected to travel this holiday season, this new feature should alleviate some of the stress of trip-planning, especially for those doing so through a mobile device. Google will now tell you if you’re getting the cheapest flight possible - based on when the prices for the flights and routes you are interested in are expected to increase. In some cases, a notification will appear on those flights when Google determines that the current fare will expire, along with a note detailing how much you’ll be able to save if you book immediately. Whether you’re interested in flights or not, if you want a place to stay, Google can provide similar notifications. It’ll now allow you to filter out hotels based on whether they are offering a deal during your travel dates. The service already labels deals when a hotel’s price is lower than usual - based on discounts or historical pricing - but that was not a specific setting you could select, until now. Google also now alerts you if there’s specific savings for loyalty members listed on a hotel’s website. Get the full story at VentureBeat and Google