Whether you grudgingly or gleefully see the mighty Google as a friend, partner or adversary, if you want a fair chance at winning in the search giant’s casino then you need to be ready for the next spin. In February this year, according to Comscore, Google controlled 67.5% of the US search market, and over 80% of the US mobile search market. The next most powerful engine was Microsoft Bing, somewhat further down the scale with just 18.4% market share. In an interview earlier this year, Microsoft’s director of search Microsoft’s director of search, Stefan Weitz,had to admit that, as a search engine per se, they cannot compete. In recent weeks, with the announcement that Google had licensed Room 77’s software to push mobile bookings and more hotels signing up for Google products, a lot has been said about its steady encroachment of the travel industry. Get the full story at EyeForTravel Read also "The next round in the battle between the OTAs, hotels and the Big 3" at EyeForTravel