Hotel Ads might be old news, but Google continues to build upon the features offered to marketers, with a huge focus on engaging followers in a more visual manner. In February, Google improved their photo tools to allow hotels to easily change the image that appears when travelers are searching. They’ve also made it possible to add photos specifically for food and drinks, guest rooms, and common areas. This can all be done through one’s Google My Business account. Another new feature Google has recently released is the ability to add top notch, interactive tours to give the searcher an inside look into the hotel's interior. If I do say so myself, these tours are awesome! Who doesn’t want a sneak-360-degree-peak at a hotel they’ll be potentially escaping to? This is all done through Google Maps Business View. “These virtual tours show up on Search and Maps and let travelers experience the hotel – all before they book their stay.” Hotel marketers need to connect with an authorized partner to take advantage of all of the features Google offers in order to gain the most exposure possible to their hotel. This is especially important for hotel marketers that operate smaller, less well-known hotels. The big guys are likely already running hotel ads, but the smaller guys might be missing out on some unique advertising opportunities. Get the full story at Wordstream Read also "Hilton drives 12% higher ROI with Google Hotel Ads" and "Google’s new AdWords best practices pag"