At Google, Rob Torres, Managing Director, Travel, is focusing on the upsell; getting customers to buy other property amenities and not just the hotel room. “We are looking for a way to sell ancillary items you [the hotelier] can upsell. Consumers are looking for that and they haven’t found it that easily today. By doing this we hope to create a larger travel pool for everyone in the room,” said Torres at the HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference. “The reality is people search, it is not going to go away.” Relevance to the travel buyer’s needs is critical too said Torres. He said Google is constantly looking at how to serve up content that people are interested in seeing at a specific time. He said Google is aggregating as much information as possible about properties through tools like Google Places, but that even with combing the web they are not finding the right images, for example, that are good at engaging travelers. “A lot [of images] we are getting is not that high quality so we are sending people out to get pics, but this is just the start. High quality video is the future,” said Torres. Get the full story at Hotel Interactive