In May 2016, Google is expected to release another mobile-friendly algorithm update, further punishing sites that are not deemed mobile-friendly. Last April, Google released its Mobile-Friendliness Algorithm Update, the most impactful change since the rollout of Google Panda in 2011. This update gave preferential rankings to those sites deemed by Googlebot to be “mobile-friendly” and punished “mobile-unfriendly” sites in Google’s mobile search rankings. Google assesses whether or not a site is mobile-friendly on a pass/fail basis. If a site satisfies its front- and back-end requirements, it receives a passing grade and can earn higher rankings on search engine results pages. The search giant started using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal on mobile searches to ensure users receive the best possible results, whether they are searching via mobile, tablet or desktop device. If a hotel website is not easy to use on mobile, Google will penalize the site even further by ranking it lower on its mobile search pages. This upcoming update could result in non-mobile-friendly sites ranking even lower than they have been. Get the full story at HeBS Digital