In case you weren’t aware, travelers can book through options listed in Google HPA/Google Hotel Finder and in return Google generates some revenue on a CPC basis. The Carousel was loosely tied to Google HPA since the hotel’s Google+ page was tied with Google HPA and the Google+ page was tied to Carousel. As you could imagine, this wasn’t the best way of putting Google’s HPA and Hotel Finder Products front and center. Sure, the Carousel was convenient for the end user in terms of being able to sift through hotel options fairly quickly, but the monetization opportunity wasn’t all that great for Google. Google did in some cases present a list of hotels nearby with rate info. Again, this section was tied into Google’s HPA product, but the Carousel above it was a distraction. Removing the Carousel, which wasn’t a great monetization opportunity, placed Google’s HPA product and PPC ads (two channels that can produce revenue) front and center. Get the full story at O'Rourke Hospitality