Eric Zimmerman, director, product development at Google told ET that the company has introduced other new products like Google Destinations and Plan A Trip this year and the focus is being mobile first. There was a 50% increase in travel-related searches on mobile phones for Google last year. “We really need to be first for mobile. So a lot of our product design is mobile first. It’s about less typing more tapping. Google Trips can learn from email confirmations on flight and reservation details on Gmail about what trips users are going to take. In the app it will create a trip and you can download useful information. Users can go through the information on the plane and they don’t need a SIM card card or wifi networks. It’s our first really focused effort on helping people during travel,” said Zimmerman. Zimmerman said in the travel space, Google has been adding some new messaging applications that have Google assistance built into it. “We have been building travel cases to add into it. We will be adding more and more useful things for travelers,” he said. Get the full story at The Economic Times