Google’s flight search offering is based on technology from ITA Software Inc. of Cambridge, which Google acquired in April for $700 million. Fearing Google would dominate the online travel industry, a number of travel websites formed a coalition in October to oppose Google’s acquisition of ITA. Federal antitrust officials approved the deal only after Google agreed to a number of restrictions aimed at preventing the giant search company from seizing total dominance of the online travel market. Among the websites that opposed the ITA deal was, a Norwalk, Conn. company with a major software development facility in Concord. Yesterday, Kayak chief marketing officer Robert Birge said his company is well-positioned to fend off its newest competitor. “We know Google is a very prominent brand, but we also know they haven’t been successful in everything they’ve done,” Birge said. ”Right now, we’re very confident in our ability to compete.” Get the full story at The Boston Globe Read also "ITA-Powered Google Travel Launches; Kayak Says Its Flight Search Is ‘Superior’" at TechCrunch, and "Google launches Flight Search with booking links to airline sites only" at Tnooz