Nielsen/NetRatings reports that Google accounted for 50 percent of all US searches conducted in April, followed by Yahoo! and MSN, with 22 and 11 percent. However, Google is not the leading web site of the US, nor does it control the social networking scene.

According to their press release Google has gained another three procent market share during the previous 12 months. Not much, maybe, but enough for us to conclude that the Google hegemony is far from over.

This doesn’t mean that all should be doom an gloom at Yahoo! and Microsoft headquarters. Search activity continues to grow, and according to NetRatings Yahoo! increased its number of searches with 27 percent last year, MSN 10 percent.

But again Google is the champion with a growth of 34 percent year over year.

However, if you measure the number of visitors to brand web sites (thus counting the number of visits to Yahoo! web sites — Yahoo! Mail included — instead of the number of searches only) the numbers again confirm that Google is not the obvious US leader.

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