Google finally added street-level mapping capabilities to its Google Maps for a number of countries in Europe Tuesday, bringing its local search service across the Atlantic.

Users can search for specific street names and addresses, as well as pull up reviews of hotels and even find metro and train stations. Directions are also possible, and Google Maps has integrated ferry information to plot trips across a body of water.

Coincidence or not, Google has been very busy rejiggering its Google Maps in the few weeks since Yahoo introduced its first competitive mapping feature based on satellite imagery.

The catalyst for Google may be that Yahoo claims its satellite maps feature, unveiled April 11, covers more of the planet than anyone else.

As with any new feature, some of the warts are showing. One commenter at Blogoscope jokes how Malta appears to be underwater, thus the "victim of global warming." And there's suspiciously too few roads in Belarus.

But there's lots of raves as well. With the new level of details, another commenter notes, he can get to work mashing up his own homebrewed Internet feature with Google Maps, something that's surely welcome news to Google as it looks to conquer Europe.

Source: eWeek