The business case for micro-moments thinking is clear. According to recent research that Google commissioned from Forrester Consulting, companies that take steps toward being moments-ready earn a markedly stronger ROI in both mobile and overall marketing investments. In this 6-part series, we'll explore: - The latest consumer trends that define each of these travel micro-moments and how they're affecting travel industry trends. - Snapshots of real travelers' research journeys, including the searches, clicks, website visits, and video views on their way to booking. - Actionable ideas for travel marketers to be there and to be useful in each type of micro-moment. - Examples of travel brands that are already seeing success with micro-moments thinking. Read the articles at Think with Google: - I-Want-to-Get-Away Moments: What They Mean for Travel Marketing - How the Travel Research Process Plays Out in Time-to-Make-a-Plan Moments - Travel Booking Trends Revealed in Let's-Book-It Moments - How Mobile Influences Travel Decision Making in Can't-Wait-to-Explore Moments - Travel Micro-Moments Guide: How to Be There and Be Useful for Travelers