Like most, Muerza expects the smartphone to remain a vital tool in the travel process – “not the only one, but a key one” – thanks to the “constant interaction” between devices and their owners. “It’s the one thing that’s always with the consumer and it’s the main gateway for consumers to access any kind of information or transaction within the travel cycle.” Google has already tapped into this smartphone and tablet-oriented consumer mindset with Google Now, its own intelligent personal assistant that can provide real-time journey-specific updates. Initially released back in 2012, it has been adopted by a number of airlines, such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines and SilkAir, to help simplify their passengers’ travel experience. “When we think about travel, it’s very intense in information,” Muerza said. “The amount of information that needs to be handled by the traveller is enormous. If you happen to use Google Now, you will have realised that it serves you the information you need, when you need it. It brings value to the consumer.” Get the full story at Future Travel Experience