Exciting as it may seem, trip planning can be a chore. Stress runs unchecked: 69% of leisure travelers worry they're not finding the best price or making the best decision while booking a trip.1 To put that in perspective, travelers are more worried about not finding the best price or making the best possible vacation decision than they are about their financial investments, home improvements, or electronics purchases. Compounding this anxiety is the amount of time many leisure travelers allow to plan - and obsess over - trips. Twenty-six percent decide on a vacation destination three to five months before departure, while 19% decide more than six months out.3 This presents a challenge for marketers trying to differentiate their brands and drive consideration throughout the travel shopping journey. With digital, though, brands gain unparalleled insight into their target audience. Marketers can go beyond traditional demographic targeting and look more closely at travelers’ intentions. Whether it’s videos viewed, searches, or content engaged with across the web, these activities send strong signals about whether a traveler could become a customer. Get the full story at Think with Google