At UK's Travel Convention Nigel Huddleston said “many people in this room are already our clients and we have mutually beneficial interests. Our priority is to answer traveller queries quickly and efficiently with the most relevant response we can and ultimately lead them to transact with you. We want to create a circle of Googly happiness.” But Huddleston then went on to unveil new hotel and flight search technology which prompted some concerns from the industry audience. Google Hotel Finder and Flight Search have already been launched in the US and Google plans to roll them out internationally. Using maps and calendars, customers can search the best flights and are then directed to the relevant airline. Huddleston denied that this would compete against online travel agents. “OTAs are really important partners. We have no plans to enter that space. We are providing the information, not facilitating that booking,” he said. Get the full story at Travelmole (free registration)