The first iteration of this showed up in January, when Google announced that it was allowing candidates participating in the presidential debates to create “information cards” related to various topics or aspects of their campaign platforms. When users searched for information about the debates or those topics, Google explained, the cards would show up at the top in a special carousel. The next step came in March, when Google gave local businesses the the ability to create short information snippets about themselves in a number of markets. Then Google announced that it is offering a similar kind of deal to celebrity cricket players, who will be able to create short posts that surface when someone searches for them. All of these features appear to be related to something called “Google Posts,” which has never really been launched or announced in any formal way. There is a page devoted to Posts, with its own dedicated Google URL, but you can’t see any of the content that has been created there. There’s just a landing page that says it’s “an experimental new podium on Google” that lets you “hear directly from the people and organizations you care about.” Get the full story at Fortune, The Verge, and Find and Convert