The social media data will power Google’s ongoing forays into the travel market in which it offers services like flight and hotel search, and Zagat reviews. In retrospect, it appears that the social media data may have been Google’s goal along when it obtained Frommer’s from publisher John Wiley & Sons for $22 million in August 2012. The company has not disclosed how it much received for selling the brand back to Arthur Frommer, who intends to relaunch the title’s print editions, which Google decided to discontinue in favor of digital-only offerings. Google is taking an interesting tact in working around the social reality that they don’t have access to Twitter and Facebook like they need in order to truly get a social read on most anything. It’s a troubling aspect of the company’s look forward. As a result, they have needed to get creative and this is certainly one way to do it. Get the full story at Marketing Pilgrim and PaidContent Read also "Google sells Frommer’s guides back to Arthur Frommer"