RBC Capital's take on the travel business is based in part on a meeting with industry research firm Skift. Google has been expanding its travel services that began with Google Flights, an online flight booking service, in 2011. Google in 2016 released a new smartphone app that helps users plan and organize trips. Google in 2015 launched an advertising program called Google Hotel Ads. Skift estimates Google accounted for 90% of the digital travel advertising market in 2016, garnering some $12 billion in revenue. Priceline, Expedia and TripAdvisor (TRIP) were the biggest buyers of ad space on Google. "We and Skift do not believe Google will ever become an online travel agency," said Mark Mahaney, a RBC Capital analyst, in a research report. "We have long been of the belief that Google has never had an interest in travel fulfillment - in the travel market, yes, but not in fulfillment, distribution, customer service. Not Google's thing." Get the full story at Investors.com