Last year, Mediative conducted a new eye-tracking study. Now: - Users scan the whole SERP quickly - trying to identify the “chunk” of results that is most relevant to their query. (Click to Tweet) - There is less horizontal scanning then there used to be. - Average duration on a SERP in 2005 was 14 to 15 seconds. In 2014, it took 8 to 9 seconds. (We’re scanning more real estate, but we’re finding something we’re confident in clicking on twice as fast.) (Click to Tweet) Some other takeaways from the 2014 eye-tracking study: - Businesses that are lower on the SERP (especially positions 2-4) will see more click activity than they used to. (Click to Tweet) - The fourth organic listing earns 26% of clicks. (Click to Tweet) Get the full story at Bruce Clay