It’s a known fact that Google has goals of becoming the complete funnel for many of the searches and transactions we make online. They’ve already made great strides with their airline system and they have their sights squarely aligned with the hotel/travel space. In this last double-digit episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast we are going to dive into what Google has done this year alone in setting the stage to become the Hotel Demogorgon (cue the spooky Stranger Things music). This transition is not new, Google has been working for years to reach farther down the funnel. However, as they announced in a February 2018 blog post they’re making a focused effort on the travel space and now these upgrades are reaching critical mass. TripAdvisor, Expedia, Booking Holdings… They all need to pay attention to these big hotel updates we have seen in 2018. Get the full story at Fuel