Google is believed to be testing a redesigned search page that will provide even more accurate and comprehensive search results than the search giant currently supplies.

According to screenshots obtained by tech news site Cybernet this week, the new search page design will display a picture alongside text results, a feature already used on Google News. There will also be a search box that enables users to run a query against a specific site, a service which is currently only available through use of the 'site:' operator.

Google had not confirmed at the time of writing whether the new search pages would run using the Orion search engine. Orion is an algorithm developed by a 26-year-old Israeli doctoral student, Ori Allon.

When a user conducts a Web search using Orion, they receive expanded text extracts from the pages that it delivers, rather than just links to these pages. This means the user doesn't need to click on multiple pages when searching for information, or leave the search engine to view other pages.

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