It’s a useful tool that integrates some data, but it would be more helpful if it understood that I’m the kind of leisure traveler who flies into a major city, spends one or two nights then heads to the country. It isn’t able to pick up much in the way of reservations outside of major cities as far as I can tell, and it definitely doesn’t do attractions and restaurants. Not yet at least. What would be a game-changer is to make it more personal. Google Trips is on the cusp of doing this with the itineraries feature, but it must go further than this. It needs to understand how I travel more than it needs to understand what I like to do. What would be useful is to have the app locate where I am and design opportunities for me to get from point A to Point B. For instance, given Google’s mapping capabilities, it could tell me which train station I’m closest to when I request an Uber, so I know where to go, or the easiest way to get from mid-town Manhattan to the Upper West side based on where I’m standing. Get the full story at Puzzle Partner