Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told industry analysts Wednesday that the Mountain View online search engine leader is unlikely to create its own Web browser, even though the company remains worried about being slighted by the next version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Responding to a question during a conference call, Schmidt said Google sees little need to develop its own browser because most people seem satisfied with Explorer and rivals such as Firefox, Apple Computer's Safari and Opera.

Google already has a search toolbar installed in Firefox as part of its partnership with the Mozilla open source software project that introduced the browser in 2004. ``We would not build a browser just for the fun of building a browser,'' Schmidt said.

Later in the call, Schmidt reiterated Google's concerns about Microsoft programming the next version of its Internet Explorer to steer more traffic to its own Internet search engine.

Google informally complained to the U.S. Justice Department about Microsoft's plans, but regulators decided they didn't need to intervene. Schmidt said Google still hopes Microsoft will make it easier for Explorer users to set up other search engines in the browser.

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