Google's geography above the fold has radically changed. Besides the Local Carousel, over the past year Google has been making a number of changes to the main search page that include the additional menus (2x), the bright red sign in button and the grey bar. I think we need to assess the Local Carousel in view of all of the changes on the main search page. I wanted to look at a “typical” desktop screen and understand exactly what was visible to searchers above the fold in this new context. Mike Blumenthal analysed the the ne Google's Carousel search for "NY Hotels", which revealed the following links: Paid Links Pointing Offsite: 7 Paid Links Pointing Onsite to other Google products: 2 Links to Additional Google Search Results (this includes Carousel images and pins on the Map): 30 Links to Other Free Google Products Incl Menus & Maps: 19 Links to Other Sponsored Google Products: 5 Links to Offsite (off Google) Websites: 1 Get the full story at Mike Blumenthal's blog Read also "More on Google Carousel for hotels"