This is just the beginning of Google’s competition battles in Europe. Beyond the ongoing back-and-forth over compliance with this order, Google has another series of antitrust-related probes on tap in Europe. As noted in its press release, the European Commission has already come to the “preliminary conclusion” that Google abused a dominant position in two additional cases. - the Android operating system, where the Commission is concerned that Google has stifled choice and innovation in a range of mobile apps and services by pursuing an overall strategy on mobile devices to protect and expand its dominant position in general internet search; and - AdSense, where the Commission is concerned that Google has reduced choice by preventing third-party websites from sourcing search ads from Google’s competitors. And here is where things could cascade quickly for Google: the Commission will also continue examining the behavior of other “specialized Google search services.” Google uses the same basic strategy and conduct (which European regulators already found illegal) to integrate other services into its search results. With the legal bar effectively lowered based on the facts of this case, it’s only a matter of time before mapping, travel, weather and reviews services are also in the Commission’s crosshairs. Get the full story at Vrge Strategies