Google bought its extensive airfare monitoring tool back in 2011 after it bought ITA Software Inc., an online airfare broker. The $700 million deal attracted government scrutiny. In approving the deal, a federal judge required that Google keep an ITA flight search and pricing software, called QPX, accessible to third parties for at least five years. Now, though, those five years are up, and Google is shuttering at least one part of the service. In a statement, Google said it was shutting down the service due to “low interest,” and will be keeping the more comprehensive version of the software tool intact for larger corporate customers. As TechCrunch notes, QPX customers include a lot of well-known travel sites like Bing Travel, Cape Air, CheapTickets,, Orbitz, Alitalia, American, ANA, United Airlines, US Airways, and Virgin Atlantic. Get the full story at FastCompany,TechCrunch and The Verge Read also "Google shuts off Google Flight API for competitors"