Advertisers and SEO firms are concerned about Google's announcement this week that it will launch a free Web analytics service for all publishers and advertisers.

After selling analytics services through its Urchin service for $199 a month, Google now is making its Google Analytics service free to all businesses. AdWords advertisers can access the service from a new interface in their account and are allowed more page views than non-AdWords firms.

The technology can "track the results of any online marketing campaign, including banner ads, referral links, e-mail newsletters and organic and paid search," according to a statement from the company.

But some in the search marketing industry view the move as another Google power grab, taking business away from the search marketing agencies and Web analytics companies that traditionally analyze and manage advertisers' campaigns.

Google already has nudged its way into several non-traditional markets this year, including putting books on the Web via Google Print and placing advertising in traditional mediums, such as magazines. And advertisers are concerned about the competitive upper-hand the analytics tool gives Google as well as keeping their search campaigns' performance private.

"The concern among some larger advertisers is that it is giving Google insight into how well their media is converting, relative to other media. If they know their media is converting 20 percent better than other media [for example] it gives them additional pricing power," said Bryan Wiener, president of search and performance marketing firm 360i, Atlanta. "You don't want the vehicles from which you're buying media too close to your strategy."

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