With the deadline for Enhanced Campaigns on Monday, July 22, some marketers have been furiously integrating mobile and desktop content or moving to responsive design. However, many others have not fallen in line yet, meaning mobile users could have a harder time finding what they are looking for in the near term. “Google is trying to get companies to focus more around mobile than they have in the past,” said Brian Klais, founder/CEO of Pure Oxygen Labs, Madison, WI. “The next six months will have a very interesting mobile user’s experience, particularly a mobile search experience,” he said. “Some of the brands that you expect to be there may not be because they are not implementing the recommendations that Google put forth. “But, I think, probably by holiday, you will see a better mobile user experience, particularly a better mobile search experience that is more integrated across more companies.” Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer Read also "Google Mobile Study Identifies SEO, Paid-Search Clicks" at MediaPost