The data from 3Q Digital underscores how sites that are showing an increase in mobile search engine optimization visibility from Google’s search metrics in the wake of the search giant’s well-publicized algorithm change were leveraging site builds for dedicated mobile sites and responsive designed sites. 3Q Digital’s findings suggest that because it has been just over a week since the update was announced, chances are good that marketers will begin to see latent traffic changes towards the beginning to middle of May – and beyond. “In the near term, the Google algorithm change is more symbolic than practical because many brands have already optimized their Web sites for mobile devices,” said Dwight Sholes, director of professional services, for ReturnPath. “But it is a wake-up call for any laggards that have not yet fully embraced the mobile revolution. “Brands that have not yet optimized their Web site will lose traffic from the large numbers of users conducting searchers on their mobile devices,” he said. “In today’s marketing environment, not being optimized for mobile is like throwing money out the window.” Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer Read also ""Mobilegeddon" Proves Inconsistent for Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites" at Search Engine Watch