Here is what Oliver Heckmann, Google’s vice president of travel, had to say about hotel listings: "If someone is searching for hotels, a lot of text is not the answer. That’s why we built this new [3-pack] unit where hotels are showing up in there because that’s a better way of selecting a hotel. You can go to a full-page experience, you have a map view of the situation because that’s often how you look at a hotel. Clicking through 10 or 20 blue links and trying to figure out where the hell are they, that’s just simply not going to cut it anymore. I would actually say that was never really a good user experience. It’s even worse in a mobile environment. That’s why we built that (3-pack) unit and we put it on top of organic because everything in there is ranked organically. You can’t bid your way up to the top of that unit. That’s the new way we show hotels. We also still show the 10 blue links but that is the future of what we do. And that’s consistent with what Google is doing." Get the full story at Skift and Search Engine Land