Google has determined that pop-up interstitials containing prompts to install apps actually hamper the search experience, prompting the company to begin charging for these ads. After November 1, the search engine will place a higher value on showing as much content as possible on mobile-optimized sites, meaning that some advertisers may have to overhaul their app marketing efforts. “One of the amazing things about the Google’s advertising program is that the search giant rewards and penalizes brands based on the ad and Web browsing experience provided to consumers,” said Shuli Lowy, marketing director at Ping Mobile, New York. “Ultimately Google understands that consumers come to its site because of its mastery of search; in order to keep people coming back the company has to continue to deliver an excellent search experience. “That’s why Google is constantly paying attention to how consumers engage after a click on a search result and work to ensure it is providing the best service possible.” Get the full story at Mobile Marketer