In Q1 2014 data from Kenshoo, 69% of search marketing professionals worldwide rated the performance of PLAs as at least slightly better than paid search, with more than one-quarter of that group saying they were much better. That most marketers are simply moving ad dollars from regular paid search to PLAs is likely why IgnitionOne cited Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, not PLAs, as the main driver of the 8% year-over-year increase in US paid search ad spending in Q1 2014. While PLAs are drawing more attention, IgnitionOne noted that these won’t be replacing traditional paid search ads anytime soon, with both driving growth in the overall paid search spending space. In addition, paid search ads will likely improve their performance in the coming years, as Kenshoo found that 65% of marketers were using data collected from PLAs to better inform other paid search and cross-channel strategies. Get the full story at eMarketer