Ironically, it doesn't seem that Google is in a hurry to penetrate the travel vertical. It looks like they are using the same strategy as they do for Google+. At least, I find myself logging in to Google+ more and more as they are slowly connecting all the dots in making Google+ the backbone for all of their services (Calendar, YouTube, Picasa). According to this article, the new Google Maps will be the backbone for travel related searches. Google probably didn't even listen to all the critics on the low traction of their travel products. In the meantime the guys in Mountain View have only been busy rebuilding Google Maps from "the ground up," focusing on design and interaction directly within the map. Google maps receives around 17 million visitors, across all devices each month. This could soon be the new starting point for a lot of travel bookings. For example, if you are looking for the fastest way to get somewhere, Google Maps now also shows you your cheapest flight options. This is just a start and it's only a matter of time before they integrate Google Hotel Finder. Don't be surprised that your results are to be tailored to meet your travel needs, based on your search behavior or your preferences and those of other people in you Google+ network. Get the full story at Olery