One of the dirty “secrets” of digital advertising is that companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft purchase ads on their own platforms, essentially competing with other buyers for the top placements. The news should give any marketer spending top dollar to try and earn high-ranking search results cause for concern. There’s no question that the search bar continues to be one of the most important entry points for marketers hoping to get the attention of travel customers. But despite its best efforts, Google can’t seem to shake continued concerns that it is favoring its own content in search results, putting other marketers at a disadvantage. Last August, Jeremy Stoppelman, the CEO of local search company Yelp, accused the search giant of burying his company’s reviews in mobile search results. TripAdvisor CEO Stephen Kaufer has also been critical of Google in the past, claiming his firm’s reviews are also getting listed beneath search results for Google-owned Zagat. Get the full story at Skift Read also "Ads for Google products featured in top position in 91% of searches" at Search Engine Journal