1. Entice Labor Day Procrastinators: As we get closer and closer to Labor Day weekend, update your social media accounts and send an email to your list with a room inventory countdown. Use the scarcity principle to make your followers aware that yes, you still have rooms and no, they will not be available for long. For instance, “Labor Day is heating up! We’re down to our last 7 rooms for the weekend. Who wants to celebrate the last official summer weekend with us?” 2. Include Parking: With so many people road trippin’ their way to Labor Day destinations, this is a prime opportunity to craft clever packages that include parking with the room rate, or tout your already complimentary parking. Market the package for “an epic end-of-summer road trip” to trigger people into rounding up some friends to enjoy the last golden days of summer sun. 3. Trigger Wanderlust With Content: For your Labor Day marketing, make a list of top 10 drive-worthy attractions, restaurants, and other interesting spots that are within a close driving distance from your hotel property. Or, create a “before the summer ends” bucket list with fun activities that people should take advantage of in your city before the heat and sunshine subside. Get the full story at Tambourine