We never cease to marvel at the efforts that some municipal governments make to increase revenues.

For example, a number of cities have filed dubious lawsuits against online travel arrangers in order to collect additional lodging taxes. Denver is considering joining the pack, but given what we know about the allegations, we hope the city resists the temptation.

When you rent a hotel through Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and other Internet marketers you pay the quoted price. But the marketer makes its money by paying the hotel a lower rate and pockets the difference. It's the American way.

But on which price should the lodging tax be based: What you pay the marketer, or what the marketer pays the hotel? The marketers, of course, use the latter figure. The cities are suing to collect on the former.

The issue seems arcane, but tens of millions of dollars are said to be at stake across the country.

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