While every major consumer service organization pledges its devotion to customer service, some actually try to make it more a part of their brand identity. There are those who have specially chosen colors that convey warmth (like the orange in Home Depot's logo) or dependable, even dogged diligence (what can Brown do for you?) But, in these days of commoditization in the airline industry, one company seems to be executing on the brand-as-service idiom far better than any other, and not just depicting it through their brand identity.

It's not just that Southwest doesn't charge the $100 that other carriers charge for tweaks like switching return flights on the same day, or making changes to your online itinerary. There are more subtle though no less important ways that the airline conveys this simple brand message that the consumer can depend on an uncomplicated, pleasant experience.

The idea is that a company has to be walking the talk every day to be able to get away with as flippant and simple a brand idiom as the Southwest Ding. How - specifically - does Southwest do this?

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