Groople is launching a redesigned website to offer hotels and other travel products for specific group types, trip ideas, and even a place for group members to discuss their selections online.

“We’ve evolved the group travel booking process with new features and tools such as automated amenity hotel searches tailored for your group’s needs, and social-networking technology to involve group members in the decision making process,” said Mike Stacy, Chief Executive Officer for Groople. “We are very excited about the new capabilities, look and feel, and multiple user friendly upgrades to our Website.”

Customized Results

Groople has your group travel needs pegged. Tailored hotel searches provide only results from hotels that fit your group’s needs. Group leaders no longer have to take the time to select their hotel amenities when they search online; all relevant results, including customized hotel options, are automatically provided for each of their selected destinations. This is important because the soccer team coach who requires an on-site, all-you–can-eat breakfast before the big game for his team is completely different from the bride-to be who is looking for a luxury spa in her hotel. Once the group leader chooses the top hotels for their trip, the group fun begins.

Group Collaboration

Based on customer feedback and recognizing the burden group travel organizers have to endure when selecting a hotel property on their own, Groople now involves group members in the selection process. Group members are invited to collaborate, vote, and even review their group leader’s top picks for upcoming travel, entirely on the Website. Each group receives their very own personalized Web page with hotel options, amenities, and destination information. Group members are able to discuss which hotels might best suit their needs as well as alternate destination options, desired trip activities, and the amazing restaurant their friend told them about that’s right on the beach. The group leader also has the ability to reserve the block of rooms for everyone, and allow each member to pay individually. Now group travel organizers don’t have to endure the planning or buying process alone, ensuring their entire group will be happy with the final selection.

Group Event Pages

In addition to the new upgrades on Groople’s home page and hotels page, more than 60 new group event and destination pages have been created. These improved event pages, specific to each group’s needs from sports teams to corporate meetings, offer destination recommendations and planning tips for your upcoming trip.

“All of these new features, paired with our ability to tailor the travel options to your specific group, make us the best place to find, shop, compare, and buy group travel online,” Stacy added.

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