The group-buying flash sale model for travel is a marketing promotion primarily towards a given market at a given time – so the price should be in relation to how big the given market is and how many potential customers are reached through the promotion and how long it lasts, says Gregory Linn, Director - Hotel & Travel Europe, Groupon. Cracking the code on inspiration is being pursued by several travel intermediaries and these also include those belonging to the flash sales category. These travel sites are helping people decide where to go on vacation and also enabling them to book the trip. Members of such sites like to be "inspired", typically with no specific destination in mind. It is also being shared that average advance purchase for hotel properties is over 60 days, which is exponentially longer than other OTAs. So such offering is proving to be an effective way for partners to build a base on their books well in advance. At the same time, concerns have been raised about the implications of flash sales. Be it for turning hotel rooms into a commodity like an airline seat or high cost and revenue management challenges, the industry has highlighted negative aspects. Get the full story at EyeForTravel