As the buying and selling of services online becomes more and more generalized, the opportunity for the firm is less as a marketing engine and more as a sales channel for local businesses. And in the call Tuesday, Lefkofsky hinted at just that, admitting that discounting is a tactic — not a product —and indicating that it will begin to sell “market-priced” services. “We’ve had a one-size fits all approach when it comes to merchants,” he told investors. “In order to double our inventory, we need to attract merchants who do not necessarily want to discount their services. We need better deals, as well as market rate inventory that we can leverage to create thriving real-time local commerce marketplace.” The company is positioning its pages product, which it launched last year, at the center of the effort. In the 18 months since the product was announced, it has created over 900,000 pages for merchants in the U.S., which includes basic directory information as well as reviews and any current deals. “Pages are the entry point of our new inventory assembly line as they create a transactional relationship between us and those merchants,” said Lefkofsky. Get the full story at Street Fight