Groupon Getaways lets you browse by theme and select to search for deals in a specific area on the map to see hotel offers within 30 miles. You’ll also get access to 60 percent off flash deals on hotels and holiday packages. The app also features same-day bookings with mobile-only deals on hotels nearby with immediate availability. Users of the Getaway app that pick hotels in destinations selected by Groupon get five percent of the price back in the company’s imaginatively titled reward points, Groupon Bucks. “Travel will still remain an integral part of the main Groupon app,” says Simon Goodall, VP/GM, Groupon Getaways. All the same, Groupon’s trying to push more people to its Getaways app. Those who download it and book a trip through it can get a 20% discount until November 14 if they use the APP20 promotion code. Get the full story at TechCrunch