A savvy hotelier knows that the difference between an engaged guest and a disengaged guest could mean the difference between meeting the bottom line and not. Engaged guests feel loyalty to their hotel based on some sort of emotional connection. There are plenty of easy and cheap ways to create this connection, and doing so might mean a difference of $185 per customer per stay. According to a recent study by Gallup, guests spent $457 on average per stay at their most frequently visited hotel over the course of 12 months, while engaged guests spent $588 per stay on average. Meanwhile, actively disengaged guests spent $403 per stay on average. Investing in guest engagement will provide a return in the form of an increase in top line revenues. Luckily, potential areas for investment are easy and affordable and hoteliers can get a jump on them instantly. Namely, social media and email/SMS notifications provide outlets for guest engagement at relatively little cost to the hotel. Get the full story at Puzzle Partner