AccorHotels believes that true loyalty is about understanding the needs of our guests before they do." At the "front desk" of the Seeker, a young man and woman wearing uniforms fitted me with a headset to measure brainwaves; a wristband to measure my pulse; and then kindly relieved me of my phone and my handbag and sent me solo down a hallway to the heart of the Seeker. I felt surprisingly vulnerable. The LED panels gave me instructions: I stood in the spotlight and moved my body, and the LED panels lit up in different shapes, colors and sounds; I held my hands under the trickling water, and soothing sounds and video of raindrops appeared on the screen; I grabbed at the pillars, and touching each one triggered different music and images on the LED panel. Then I stood in the center of the room as different video clips flashed past me on the screens. Get the full story at Travel Weekly