Word of mouth is a huge growth source for Airbnb, in part because Airbnb experiences are so personal. People use Airbnb to unlock incredible experiences–anything from weekend getaways with friends, cultural exchanges, and once in a lifetime events like honeymoons. The referrals program encourages inviting friends by giving both the sender and recipient $25 of travel credit at Airbnb when the invited user completes their first trip. The idea is to leverage our community’s inherent tendency to tell their friends about Airbnb and amplify the effect. The company decided to relaunch Referrals on all three of its platforms: our website, our Android app, and our iOS app. Airbnb also decided to support accepting and sending referral on all three platforms; very few apps accept referrals on mobile despite the majority of emails read on mobile. Referrals was an exciting project to undertake because it embodies growth: it’s highly measurable, scalable, and is all about identifying a growth pattern that’s already happening but amplifying it at a key moment. Get the full story at Airbnb