In March 2016, Intel, along with MSI International, surveyed 1,504 internet users ages 21 to 54 in the US about their internet habits while on holiday. Respondents were evenly split when asked if they had gone on vacation with the intention of being offline at some point in the past year. A disparity did exist when looking at gender: More than half (57%) of men said they did plan to be disconnected, compared to 44% of women. And more interestingly, when looking at age, the older the internet user, the less likely they were to have anticipated on unplugging while away from home. More than three-fifths of those ages 51 to 54 said they had not considered any unplugged vacationing, compared to 44% of millennials ages 21 to 30. Ultimately, the Intel research uncovered that most people (84%), regardless of gender or age, do end up connecting to the internet at some point while on vacation—though not necessarily the same vacation they planned to be unplugged. Get the full story at eMarketer