Prompted by a survey conducted by Hilton, the hotel brand has coined the term Seekender, which refers to those who value travel and take the weekend to cross of destination and adventures on their bucket list. The hotel chain is cognizant of a shift in consumer behavior and is playing into this with the new Seekender campaign, in which fans post their images that encompass adventure to win a weekend getaway. "Incentives, imagery and social, are all key elements to be included in a marketing program for engaging digital centric people, these elements leverage our increasing desire to share and participate, be rewarded and be recognized," said Michael Becker, co-founder and managing partner, mCordis, Sunnyvale, CA. "What really excite’s me about Hilton’s Hampton’s campaign, however, is not its use of these digital-social-mobile tactics, these are table-stakes today, but the fact that the program is built around the customer journey, a specific persona, the Seekender. "Hilton’s Hampton team did their homework, they understand what motivates their target customer and built their program with the customer’s motivations at the center of the program, not the brand’s," he said. "The program helps people express themselves, fulfill their desires, by sharing their adventure, be it food, travel, or whatever experience excites them. Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer